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Are you a democrat? Liberal? Feminist? Environmentalist? Socialist?


This is a community for people to discuss "left-wing" politics; our beliefs, concerns, and even to come together and organize. We are open to debating/arguing over issues. We are open to people of all ages, nationalities, genders, orientations and anything else commonly used to seperate people. We'll even be hospitable to "right-wingers", so long as they know what they're in for.

Feel free to post links to articles and relevant websites, advertize for organizations and demonstrations and discuss current events and pretty much anything you feel is relevent to the community. No topic is taboo here.

A few quick rules and things to keep in mind:

1.) Flame Wars- can often be annoying...but can equally as often be very entertaining. Deletion of "flamming" comments or posts will be at the moderator's discretion. (Don't like it? You can make your own damn community).

2.) With rule #1 in mind, one thing that will NOT be tolerated is bigotry. Any language meant to degrade someone based on ethnicity, religion, gender idenity, sex, sexual orientation or the like will be cause for immediate deletion of said comment or post. Continued violations will result in banning from this community. (An exception to this rule, however, is when it is used to retell a story in which certain words were used. In this case, one should refer to rule #5.)

3.) Any images that may be considered "obscene", "offensive" or not "work safe" must be behind an lj cut. This includes images containing nudity, violence or explicit language. We want to maintain a certain level of comfort for all members. We all have the right to choose not to look at certain material if we like. Also, any post containing more than 2 images of any kind, must be behing a cut.

4.) Any text longer than 4 paragraphs (about one scroll length) must be behind an lj cut.

5.) Though explicit language is allowed here, please use your best judgement as to whether or not these words appear without an lj cut. Posts that contain graphic descriptions of things that many may find upsetting (rape, war, etc.),must be behind a cut and preceeded by a warning.

6.) Please refrain from making entire posts in all caps. I will yell at you for this. It is bad internet etiquette and just generally irritates me.

7.) Though we're not all English professors, please try to use grammar as well as possible. We can't really comment if we can't tell what you wrote.

If you have further questions/requests, contact your loving moderator: rocket_hamster- who reserves the right to add to, or change any of the preceeding rules at any given time and without warning.

One more thing: Do not join this community if you have a limited sense of humor. Not only is no topic taboo, but nothing is sacred when it comes to comedy (I tend to post a lot of political cartoons).