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Write a Letter to the Editor

First, get some inspiration by reading this disgusting, un-American, lying conservative article.

Then (on the site w/ the article), scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your zip code where it says "Write a Letter to the Editor."

It will give you a choice of local publications, of which you can choose 5. I chose:
  • The Capital Times
  • The Wisconsin State Journal
  • The Onion
  • The Daily Page
  • The Progressive
Then, write a letter stating your opinions.

I’ve heard a lot of hype about banning gay marriage in the last year, but I have not heard very many good reasons. To be honest, I am truly stumped.

Banning gay marriage cannot prevent gay sex. In fact, one point I’ve heard was that marriage desexualizes a relationship. A relationship can be solely focused about sex but a marriage is about more than that. Additionally, if someone thought people who practiced certain forms of sex should not be allowed to marry, they may also look into which straight couples are permitted to marry. I doubt most straight couples use sex only for the purpose of procreation, and they can probably come up with anything as creative or more that a gay couple can do.

Banning gay marriage cannot ban gays from being married religiously in a church or other place of worship. I bet that any determined gay couple could find a way to have a religious ceremony. Likewise, permitting gay marriage will not force each church, synagogue, temple, or mosque to recognize the marriage in its religion. That is the separation of church or state that our country was founded on.

On the other hand, our country was founded with the principle of letting every citizen live here with equal rights. We recognize now the harsh reality of the segregation that taints much of our history, and I believe some day we will look back with equal shame on the inequalities we inflict on gays today.

I think it is an abomination that a gay couple that has lived together for decades cannot make medical decisions for one another. Or that it is possible for one partner to die, leaving the other partner broke, whereas in the same situation, a married surviving partner would be financially taken care of by an inheritance or social security. Or for so many other ways that our government is treating gays as second-class citizens for no reason at all.

I would make an argument about the homosexuals that I am friends with (or related to) who have had loving relationships for years, participated in their religious communities, and even raised well-adapted children, but that is entirely irrelevant to the issue. The issue at hand is not what one individual person or religion thinks about homosexuals. The issue is whether or not we are truly committed to upholding the promises our founders made to citizens of our country.
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