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I like this idea a lot and so I am trying to post this widely so my apologizes if you seem this more than once:

The recent press about the conservative moment to ban gay marriage (http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/25/politics/25marriage.html) shows that the push for a federal ban is not over. Anyone who sees the injustice of this ban can step forward and take charge of the debate.

Names have a lot of power. An estate tax seems more acceptable than a death tax. The way that we, the LGBTQ community, its supporters and its allies refer to this amendment will help shape the debate.

Any amendment to the Constitution to restrict marriage, deny children two legal parents, and deny families the other "incidents" of marriage such as access to health care and inheritance rights is a movement against countless families.

This amendment, at its core, is anti-family and its name should reflect this. I invite everyone to refer to it as the anti-family amendment. If you like this idea, please forward this email to other interested people or post it to your blog. Please help get the word out.
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