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John Roberts

If any Americans here have not yet written a letter to thier state Senators about Bush nomiation of John Roberts for the Supreme Court, I hope you plan on doing so very soon.

I live in NY, and I already know that Clinton and Schumer will most likely oppose the nomination. They're usally on top of that sort of thing, plus I've already sent them e-mails. But what I think I should do is also send some to senators outside of my own state, ones that pose certain concern. And I will specify to them that I do not seek a "librel" candidate, but one who is fair and will interpret the laws in an intelligent and just fashion. One who seeks to deal with contemporary issues, not just she how many old rulings s/he can help overturn.

I don't think it's too much to ask.
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...not too much to ask at all
I'm in Mississippi...I've written plenty of letters to good ole Lott and co, but I think doing an "I wish the world would go away" dance would be more effective...and fun.
They wouldn't even sign on to the 'oh, we fucked up and wouldn't do anythign to stop lynching' nod from LA.
Wait...what about lynching?
The senate recently drafted an apology for never passing any legislation making lynching a federal offense or really speaking out against it. It was introduced by Sen. Landru of Louisiana
Most senators signed the apology, as would make sense.

Neither of the Mississippi senators signed, even though Mississippi had the highest rates of lynching. One senator said he feels no need to apologize for something he didn't personally do.

I'd like to act like I'm shocked, but I'm not surprised, just disgusted. That's kind of like how the US didn't apologize for Japanese relocation camps until Bush Sr., which may be one of the only truely good things he did as president.