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Help Me Author a Grassroots Book

I get so frustrated with the country, and places like this community and listening to Air America help, but I want to do more. Here is my idea - and I need your help.

I would like to organize the writing of a book authored by liberals. Not people who are experienced authors, but every day normal people like us. If you are interested in helping by contributing a 3-10 page essay on a single topic of your choice (e.g., gay marriage, social security, ten commandments on government buildings, tolerance, environmentalism), please read on and/or contact me. I created a generic email for this initiative:

How to Participate

1. I would like each contributor to start by researching their topic both in terms of current events and public opinion. Don't panic! I'm not asking you to do hard work. If you do not want to look into current events yourself, give me your topic and I'll send you a few articles to read so you have some facts to add to your essay.

2. As for researching public opinion, I want to work together with you to come up with a questionnaire to send out in order to gather opinions. The reason I suggest we work together is so that each contributor has some continuity in terms of the survey data they gather and the analysis of the data. Send it out to friends, LJ communities, wherever - try to get viewpoints from as varied a group as possible (not just liberals) - and then we'll work together on analysis.

3. Write your essay. I will help edit each piece. Again, this will serve to give us continuity. If you write something and it seems rough at first, no worries. We can improve it together. However, I reserve the right to exclude essays if I feel they are inappropriate.

4. We need to find a publisher. However, "grassroots" is trendy these days. I think we should be able to do it.

5. I propose all or some of the profits go to either charities or political causes. Once we get to that stage, we can discuss it together.

Next steps: Email with your idea for a topic or reply to this post.

You might be wondering about my credentials to undertake something like this.
Me in a nutshell: I am 24 years old. I graduated Washington University in St. Louis with 2 degrees (does that qualify me as a liberal elitist? I was on scholarship and my Daddy didn't by my admission in there). I'm a good writer and a great editor. I speak 3 languages, and I've traveled to 23 countries. Currently, I work as a project manager for healthcare IT. I'm a flaming liberal but I have some points of view that I wish I heard voiced more often because I think they could be more persuasive than the typical stuff you hear even on Air America. I am sick of the Republicans using the English language against us (a.k.a. "limosine liberal," "tax-and-spend liberal," "fair and balanced" and all other means of bullshit). Oh, and my liberal credential: my mom went to labor with me on election day 1980 - as she was casting her vote AGAINST Reagan.

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