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Congress... acting inappropriately?!?!?!

And reporters are now raising questions about a right-to-die law Bush signed as Texas governor, contradicting his position in the Schiavo case. Just last week, the law was applied for the first time, allowing doctors to remove a critically ill infant from life support against his mother's wishes. According to the Houston Chronicle, this marks the first time in American history that courts allowed a pediatric patient to die against the wishes of their parent.[7] As the Knight Ridder News service reports:

"The mother down in Texas must be reading the Schiavo case and scratching her head," said Dr. Howard Brody, the director of Michigan State University's Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences. "This does appear to be a contradiction." Brody said that, in taking up the Schiavo case, Bush and Congress had shattered a body of bioethics law and practice."[8]

It's time to speak up about this kind of political posturing, and ask Congress to get back to work. Can you sign our petition to Republican leaders in Congress to stop grandstanding on the Schiavo tragedy?


So... it's okay to pull the plug on poor infants even when their mothers don't consent in Texas, but in Florida it's murder even if the legal guardian of the patient consents in accordance with the informal wishes of the patient. And both states have come to these conclusions under the steadfast leadership of the Bush family.
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Help Me Author a Grassroots Book

I get so frustrated with the country, and places like this community and listening to Air America help, but I want to do more. Here is my idea - and I need your help.

I would like to organize the writing of a book authored by liberals. Not people who are experienced authors, but every day normal people like us. If you are interested in helping by contributing a 3-10 page essay on a single topic of your choice (e.g., gay marriage, social security, ten commandments on government buildings, tolerance, environmentalism), please read on and/or contact me. I created a generic email for this initiative: LoudmouthDonkey@yahoo.com.

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You might be wondering about my credentials to undertake something like this. If you are, click here.Collapse )

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Hi, I just wanted to tell you guys about a great community http://www.takingitglobal.org

"TakingITGlobal (TIG) is about encouraging young people to believe in themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world. We create environments exposing people to new thinking, a diversity of voices, and new opportunities. Driven by youth, our goal is to foster a sense of leadership and social entrepreneurship through the innovative use of technology, creating meaningful experiences for young people around the world."

Issues such as feminism etc are dealt with there and anyone can join. I've only been a part of the site for a short while but so far I like what I see.